PSV Garuda Vega
PSV Garuda Vega

Actor Dr Rajasekhar's much-hyped movie PSV Garuda Vega has made an average collection at the worldwide box office box office in its first weekend and fetched less than 30 percent of the investments to its distributors.

Dr Rajasekhar's films may not have a big market, but the promos and hype surrounding his latest outing PSV Garuda Vega made everyone believe that the actor is set to make a comeback. Released on November 3, the movie garnered extremely positive reviews from the audience and critics.

Many viewers on social media were going gaga over the flick praising Praveen Sattaru's script and its execution in such a minimum budget. Rajasekhar and other cast and crew were also applauded for their wonderful work in the film.

Many from the industry expected this strong word of mouth would translate into big bucks but the movie got an average opening everywhere except the US, which is a non-existent market for Rajasekhar. Though it went from strength to strength in the US, in other parts of the globe, it did not show the needed growth over the weekend.

PSV Garuda Vega is estimated to have collected approximately Rs 6.65 crore gross at the worldwide box office in the first weekend, according to reports. Its gross collection in the US is almost to equal to its gross business in Nizam, the potential market for Telugu movies that decides the fate of a film.

Made on a budget of Rs 15 crore, PSV Garuda Vega has fetched Rs 11 crore from the sale of its global theatrical rights. The movie has earned Rs 3.20 crore for its distributors in three days and recovered 29.09 percent of their investment.