Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau speaks at an unknown location in this still taken from an undated video released by the outfit.
Boko Haram leader Abu bakr ShekauYouTube screenshot

The Nigerian Army has reportedly landed on evidence that suggests several prominent politicians in the country not only share close links with Islamist terrorist group Boko Haram but might also have been aiding them.

During a raid at the Boko Haram camps in Balmo Forest in Darazo local government area, the Army, found registration cards, meeting passes and other incriminating documents which reveal that certain prominent politicians have been closely aiding the group, a senior government official revealed in a press conference.

Based on the evidences collected in the camps, the investigation agencies have taken several politicians belonging to major parties in custody for interrogation, said National Information Centre, Coordinater Mike Omeri, reported Vanguard.

The Boko Haram suspects arrested during the raid had valid political registration cards and gate passes signed by politicians. The gate passes found in the possession of the arrested suspects reveal that Boko Haram had an easy access to the yet-to-be identified politicians.

The Nigerian Army has reportedly interrogated a dozen politicians in this regard. The names of the politicians and their political parties will be revealed at the end of the investigation, reported Premium Times.

The Army, which is still interrogating the arrested Boko Haram militants and politicians, is also investigating the extend of information that has been shared between them. It is believed that the politicians may have provided key intelligence updates, safe-houses and protection from the Nigerian Army.

Chibok Girls Still Missing 

Since the Chibok abduction, the Nigerian Army has been on the tail of Boko Haram militants, to track down the 200-plus schoolgirls.

Despite over 20,000 Army personnel carrying out the search operations, there is still no trace of the missing girls. The Nigerian government, under President Goodluck Jonathan, has been criticized severely for its failure.

In the meantime, the Nigerian Army claimed to have made a major breakthrough with the arrest of a prominent Boko Haram leader. The terrorist, identified as Babuji Ya'ari, was involved in the Chibok abductions. The Army claims his arrest was a turning point as he could provide them with important information helpful in tracking down the kidnapped girls.