Asif Kamal
Asif Kamal

Dubai-based young businessman Asif Kamal has seen the glance of success of a long road of difficulties and rough time. Founder and owner of one of the very famous Art House Alturaash in Dubai and an Art Gallery in Delhi's high up mall, he is an Art Investor and Art Connoisseur who wants to promote and establish the legacy of Indian art all across the world.

Born on 10th October 1989, in Kadampura, a small village in the Supaul district of Bihar in a lower-middle-class family, life was difficult from the very beginning for Asif. His father who was a Postmaster in the village post office had to move to Saudi Arab in search of a better livelihood for his family. Asif's mother is his biggest support and guidance. Despite all the economical issues she made sure that Asif goes to school. He completed his schooling till standard 8 in the village itself. Then they moved to Darbhanga district at his maternal grandparents' place, where Asif completed his education till 10th grade. But financial issues kept knocking the door, so he had to work along with his studies and started working as a sales representative in Shoppers Stops and then in Hutch now known as Vodafone on a very nominal salary. But he was always an ambitious young man. He continued his study and went on to do a master's degree in Business Administration from NIIBMT.

Asif was a far-sighted person from a young age itself. He was ambitious and a Go-getter. He started a part-time business during his college days and soon established an office in Dubai too. He founded the group with the name Alturaash in the year 2010 and its first art venture in 2011. In the year 2014 launched am Art Fund worth Rs. 500 crores to promote Indian art and artists.

Asif Says "It was during college I realized that I have a keen interest in Indian Art. I started reading and researching about it, alongside my studies. I realized that we have such a great heritage of art that needs to be known to common people. So many renowned artists have their brilliant line of work that is known very little" In the rapidly changing technology-driven world, through Alturaash he wants to give Indian artists tremendous opportunity to grow and a global reach." Alturaash is the only NBFC which provides loan against Indian Art.

Asif Kamal has a unique plan of starting an online marketplace for art, artifacts, and limited edition of art and photography in prints. The idea behind is to take the art to the masses in a cost-effective and easy-to-reach manner. The venture will be called Art Wally.

The man behind the idea puts his views further "The modern-art scene is largely focused on a few prominent modern-day artists, so a large number of talented artists go unrecognized. We aim to provide a level-headed platform to this talent pool too."

Alturaash group also plans to build a library and an archive in the middle-east which will extensively focus on knowledge about the heritage of Indian Art and also going to launch a bi-monthly magazine on Indian Art which will provide recent information on Indian Art and how to invest in it.

For his exemplary relentless efforts and unique idea to promote the art and the artists, Asif Kamal has been awarded the Art Connoisseur of The Year in the Times New Global Leader Award 2019 edition

Asif Akmal's tryst with the realities of hard-life at a very early has made him a humble person. He is not only an articulate businessman but a great philanthropist too. He wants to give back to society, for this, he has founded Asif Akmal Foundation in 2019. He says, "Being in the position to help the underprivileged, I knew I had to give back to the society after all the blessings I have received." His foundation especially works for the well-being and education of underprivileged children. The foundation has contributed hugely during the COVID-19 pandemic, by donating meals and essential supplies to laborers and displaced families.

People like Asif Kamal are the asset to the society, he is a firmly grounded person who aims high and knows how to achieve his goals and remain firmly grounded.