Project Free TV displays nothing but a goodbye message on the site, which has several internet users worried. The most popular TV-show streaming website went offline last week without any reason for the shutdown. The struggle and unrest among Internet users got intense but there is no reason to panic, as your beloved Project Free TV alternatives are available under a new domain.

Project Free TV's regular site continues to display "Goodbye!" message. In case you wish to access the site, run Project Free TV on Google Search and you will find new links with different domains

New sites may not be legit and be backed by the original PFTV developers, but they serve the purpose of showing free TV shows online. The timing of going live is ideal, as it was registered on 1 July, 2015, shortly after the PFTV website went dark.

The news of Project Free TV's demise was first reported by Torrent Freak last Friday but the content streaming website has not issued an official statement on the matter yet.

The website also lacks an official blog post to keep its loyal users informed about outages and service interruptions. But the Project Free TV's silence on the matter gives heed to ongoing speculations that the site was shut down due to copyright infringements and DMCA notices, which are on the rise for the past couple of months, Inquisitr reports.

With the loss of Project Free TV, several websites with similar services have an opportunity to shine. We have listed 10 best TV-streaming websites that fill the void:

  2. TV Online
  5. Melt Watch
  7. WatchCartoonOnline
  8. Popcorn Time
  9. Vidzi.TV
  10. WatchSeries

It is worth noting that several content streaming websites serve as a hub for malware and can get into your computer to invade your personal space. In desperate times like these, hackers replicate popular websites to get internet users' confidential info. The websites listed above have not been verified by IBTimes India for authenticity. Proceed with caution while browsing through ads and new websites.