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Google's Ara, a modular based smartphone project is really going to be big. The project has already become a huge sensation among consumers even before its release in the market. It has also been said that several OEM's and hardware manufacturers are gearing up to release specific modules for this upcoming project.

Toshiba, the Japanese electronics giant has shown its two camera modules for the project. Powered by 5MP and 13MP sensors, both the modules can be installed or swapped on the Project Ara smartphone. Apart from these two cameras, Toshiba has also mentioned about working on a low resolution 2MP camera, which would be a perfect choice for the budget conscious consumer.

Named as Toshiba T4K82, the 13MP camera module will feature a high-speed CMOS image sensor with a pixel size count of 1.12um×1.12um. An optical format is 1/3.07 inches and frame rates can be as high as 120 frames per second at a resolution of 1080 pixels, with Bright Mode and HDR features. The new sensor will also allow smartphones and tablets to record high quality, high speed video, and to offer extended imaging functions including smooth slow motion playback and high speed continuous shooting.

Toshiba Camera Modules
Toshiba Camera ModulesToshiba

Toshiba's Senior VP and Chief Technology Officer Shardul Kazi has mentioned that these modules will range from $50 to $500. The price range includes non camera modules as well.

According to Toshiba's Project Ara module developer page, the brand is also making Media bar, WiFi module, Display module, Trasferjet Module, activity measuring module and solution for wireless communication module. Toshiba has also posted a video on how the camera module works on their official YouTube channel.

In Google Project Ara, a user can choose each element he requires on his phone so you can pick and choose the best of the display, SoC, WiFi Module, Memory module, Camera module and battery for your smartphone. By picking each element you can also keep an eye on the total money you spent on your smartphone. In a sentence Google Project Ara will give you the similar luxury you tasted while assembling your desktop computer.