Maruti Suzuki's ever loved creation Maruti 800 became history on Saturday, with the company announcing that its production had been stopped in the country.

The car, which taught Indians how to drive has finally reached the end of the road after staying connected to the Indian middle -class families for three decades. The company completely stopped the production and rolled out the last of its 800 model on 18 January. However, Maruti, India's largest car maker will continue to sell the spare parts of 800 to its customers for next eight to ten years as per rules, said the company.

Maruti 800, the model after the 1986 upgrade (Wikipedia)

"Now on the 18th of January we have stopped the M-800 production completely. We have to keep all of them (dies and moulds) for the spare parts requirement. We have to continuously meet the customer requirements. That is our duty to make sure that they get all the parts," said C V Raman, Executive Director MSIL, according to PTI.

The remarkable journey of Maruti on Indian roads started in 1983, and since then the company has sold over 2.5 million Maruti 800s in the country. The car had also found market in number of other countries like Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Harpal Singh, an Indian Airlines employee from New Delhi, was the first Indian who took the key of the dream coupĂ© from the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. 

Maruti 800 DX of the first generation (Wikipedia)