Takeuchi Miyu
Former 'Produce 48' contestant Takeuchi Miyu.twitter.com/take_miyu112

Mnet's singing and dance competition show 'Produce 48' ended on August 31. Takeuchi Miyu, who was placed 17th on the show's finale, has talked about graduating from Japanese idol group AKB48 and her future career plans.

As noted by Soompi, on September 4, Takeuchi Miyu appeared in a live broadcast on YouTube. Here, she announced, "I have decided to graduate from AKB48. Of all my activities until now, it was a very heart-fluttering opportunity to have taken on the challenge of a new start in Korea's skill-based society. I'm so thankful for everything right now, and I want to graduate from AKB48 to walk on a new path by myself. So this year, I have decided to graduate from AKB48."

The singer added, "Through my 14 years of promotions, I never had any regrets. I've always thought that I would graduate from AKB48 achieving something big. I had been thinking about my path for 10 years when I appeared on 'Produce 48.' A lot of things worked out, and so I think right now is the best timing." Takeuchi Miyu had entered the final round of 'Produce 48' but was eliminated in the final episode after being placed 17th.

Miyu, who hails from Tokyo, Japan, also revealed that she wants to broaden her horizons beyond singing. "I've always thought about wanting to be active globally. I'm really happy right now. After graduating, I want to promote as an artist. Not just in singing, but I want to do everything including dancing and acting," she said.

On September 2, Takeuchi Miyu took to Twitter to thank the producers of the Mnet show and her supporters. She wrote, "Thank you to the national producers who cheered on Takeuchi Miyu on 'Produce 48'! It was a time during which I, who didn't have self-confidence or courage, said with confidence, 'I worked hard and did it!' I sincerely love all of you who helped me to keep my ranking. Also, since I was a middle schooler, I wanted to promote globally, so I was so happy that many people around the world supported me this time."

Miyu thanked her supporters on the competition and said, "All of you who are supporting me all around the world, I'm studying Korean and English, and preparing so that I can promote closer to you. The results this time were unfortunate, but please wait for me! I received love until now, so from now on, I'm going to give it to you! I will make an announcement during my 'Showroom' internet broadcast on September 4 at 9 pm Japan time."

Regarding her forthcoming graduation concert and fan meeting, AKB48's official website revealed, "Her last fan handshake event will be on December 23. We will announce the details for her graduation concert when it has been decided. She will be wrapping up her promotions this year."

Watch the Youtube Live video below.