North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, who has so far faced ire from the United States over the Sony hack, now has a new online enemy – pro-ISIS hackers.

Hackers who seem to be ISIS supporters hacked into the Facebook page of North Korean state owned airline Air Koryo on Wednesday, and called the communist leader a "crying pig".

The hackers put up photos of the trademark ISIS flag on the page, and changed the profile picture to that of a masked man with the words – "I love you ISIS" and "CyberCaliphate". The messages were uncannily similar to the ones posted by hackers who took over US Central Command's social media accounts two days ago.

  • North KOrea AI Koryo hack
    A screenshot of the hacked Facebook page of Air KoryoTwitter
  • The Twitter and YouTube accounts of the US military Central Command were hacked on Monday by ISIS supporters.
    The Twitter and YouTube accounts of the US military Central Command were hacked on Monday by ISIS supporters.Reuters/ Screen Shot

The hackers did not just stop at ISIS propagandist posts but also put up pictures of Kim Jong-un, in which they mocked and derided him.

One photo, reportedly showing Kim sobbing at the funeral of his father in 2011,was captioned by the hackers as – "Crying Pig".

Another post had a message that read: "North Korea the communist thug nation and the Chinese communist thugs will pay a price for their collaboration with the enemies of the muwahideen."

It is not clear if the Facebook page is run officially by Air Koryo or by airline enthusiasts.

The photo with the similar messages used in both the Air Koryo hack and the US Central Command account hack could point at a common group of ISIS supporters.

US authorities had called the hack a 'cyber prank' and said it had not compromised classified information. 

It has emerged that the 'Cyber Caliphate' hacking group was founded by a British Junaid Hussain, 20, who was previously jailed for hacking into an email account that contained former British Prime Minister Tony Blair's address book, as per some reports

Hussain has reportedly moved to Syria.