The Bhojpuri film industry has been jolted by back-to-back MMS scandals. First, it was Trisha Kar Madhu, whose private video had been leaked online. And now, it is Priyanka Pandit, whose alleged video has gone viral on social media. The widely circulated video allegedly shows Priyanka Pandit in the objectionable clip.

Priyanka Pandit
Priyanka Pandit.Priyanka Pandit Instagram

Now, Priyanka has broken her silence and come out to speak on the matter. Priyanka has said that the woman in the clip might resemble her but that is not her. She also added that people from the industry are doing this to defame her and bring her down. Priyanka has alleged foul play and a game plan behind the clip that has gone viral. Priyanka had even closed down her comments section on Instagram post the incident.

People trying to tarnish image

Priyanka has alleged that people who are jealous of her success have made this foul clip and are circulating it to tarnish her image. She has added that they are doing this to tarnish her career graph. However, despite turning off the comments, Priyanka has been sharing her pictures and videos on social networking site.

Priyanka has lodged a complaint and has said she would get to the bottom of this. Amid all this, she shared a picture of herself and wrote, "It is best to be silent when one is dealing with idiots".

Trisha Kar Madhu had lashed out at industry people over their silence. She had also slammed people circulating her video and asked them whether they would do this if the video were of their own sister or relative.