Priyanka Gandhi
Priyanka GandhiIANS

During a rally in support of Congress candidate Vaibhav Gehlot in Rajasthan's Jalore, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra highlighted unemployment and inflation as the foremost challenges facing the nation.

Priyanka Gandhi questioned the Central government's silence on these pressing issues, while addressing a rally in the elections. Vaibhav, the son of Congress stalwart and former Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, is contesting from the Jalore-Sirohi Lok Sabha seat.

The Congress leader, without naming any party, said "massive campaigns are being held to take the voters' attention away from the burning issues of the country." She pointed out that "unemployment is at its peak, but no one is talking about it."

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Despite the pride in hosting international events like the G-20 Summit, Priyanka Gandhi underscored the persistent struggle of India's underprivileged. "When we see Presidents and Prime Ministers of other countries coming to India for important programmes like the G-20 Summit, we do feel proud of that. However, the country's poor people are still struggling, and this is a reality," the Congress leader said.

Encouraging voters to ponder their choices on polling day, Priyanka Gandhi lamented the diversion of attention from these critical issues through extensive campaigns. Without directly naming any party, she emphasized the soaring unemployment rate, contrasting it with narratives of national progress and prosperity.

Priyanka Gandhi urged the voters to think before pressing the buttons on the polling day.

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