Miss Barbados 2000 and now YouTuber Leilani has made some shocking accusations against the 2000 Miss World pageant. Leilani has spoken about the whole pageant being rigged and also about the 'favouritism' treatment Priyanka Chopra received throughout. Leilani has made many more accusations and even labelled Priyanka as "unlikeable" in a new video.

Priyanka Chopra winning Miss World
Priyanka Chopra winning Miss WorldInstagram

Miss Barbados was talking about the news and allegations of Miss USA 2022 being rigged and said how the news "touched her soul".

The allegations

"I literally went through the same thing at Miss World. I was Miss Barbados, and the year I went, Miss India won. Mind you, Miss India had won the previous year (Yukta Mookhey), the sponsor was also ZeeTV, and Indian cable station. Our sashes had ZeeTV on top and then the names of our countries. This is very familiar to me," she said in her video.

Priyanka Chopra then and now
Priyanka Chopra then and nowInstagram

And the allegations go on...

Miss Barbados then went on to allege that Priyanka Chopra was "favoured" throughout the pageant. From her food going to her room to gowns which were better made to Priyanka being the only one allowed to wear a sarong during the swimsuit round, Leilani makes some startling allegations.

Leilani said that Priyanka's skin was all blotchy and she was using a skin tone cream and that is the reason why she was allowed to wear that sarong but others weren't. "My only problem with Priyanka is that getting to know her in the pageant, she was just unlikeable. And she is Meghan Markle best friend so go figure," she concluded.