Priyanka Chopra slammed for not saying anything on Assam floods
Priyanka Chopra slammed for not saying anything on Assam floods.Twitter/Rich Polk/Getty Images for IMDb

Priyanka Chopra is facing a lot of heat on social media for not saying anything about the ongoing floods in Assam.

Assam is facing a serious crisis as floods in the state have already claimed at least 15 lives and affected around 43 lakh. Scores of cattle and animals at Kaziranga National Park have also been killed in the disaster.

However, Priyanka, who is the brand ambassador of Assam tourism, has not made any tweet or comment on the ongoing havoc. Priyanka has been making several posts on social media, the latest being on promoting a beauty campaign, but she has not made any tweet expressing concern for the people in Assam or urging people to raise relief fund.

This apparent indifferent attitude of the popular actress has been raising eyebrows. Scores of people have been expressing disappointment at Priyanka being absolutely silent on Assam floods.

A lot of them have also been tweeting to Priyanka, requesting her to talk about it and urge people to help the state. Many others are highly miffed at PeeCee's apparent apathy towards the current condition of Assam and its people.

"You are the brand Ambassador for 'Awesome Assam ' Do u have any idea what is happening in Assam now? 90% of #Kaziranga is under water. Over 30 lacs people affacted by #FloodinAssam . We r losing beautiful animals. We need ur support to declare #FloodinAssam as national disaster," one person tweeted.

"Dear Priyanka Chopra In case you have forgotten, you are also the Brand Ambassador of Assam Tourism. A state submerged in flood right now. Where is your concern, your tweet creating awareness and asking people to extend help for them? Shame on you," wrote another.

Numerous such angry tweets are being made tagging Priyanka, but no response came from the actress as of now.