Priyamani has spoken about her relationship with husband Mustafa after his first wife Ayesha alleged that he married the actress even before they got divorced.

Priyamani and Mustafa
Priyamani and Mustafa.Instagram

The multilingual actress, in an interview with a Bollywood website, indicated that her relationship with Mustafa is secured even though he is not in India at this stage.

Communication is the Key
"Communication is the key. If you're asking about the relationship between me and Mustafa, by far... We are definitely very secure in our relationship, even though right now, he is in the US; he's working there. We make it a point that we talk to each other every day," Priyamani said.

The couple is in different time zones, but it has not prevented them from staying in touch even it means sending a simple 'hi' or 'hello' message. She added, "We definitely make it a point to communicate with each other. If not anything, just a small thing like 'Are you OK?' That really goes far; if he's tired or if I am, if somebody is there to ask him, it speaks volumes about the person and what they feel about you. We are very secure, we make it a point to talk to each other, and that is the key to every relationship."

Priyamani with her Husband Mustufa
Priyamani with her husband Mustufa.Priyamani Instagram

Ayesha's Allegations
Earlier, Ayesha claimed in an interview that Mustafa was still married to her and his marriage with Priyamani was "invalid." "We have not even filed for divorce and while marrying Priyamani, he declared in the court that he was a bachelor." Etimes quotes her as saying.

Reacting to Ayesha's allegations, Mustafa declared that he was still paying for the maintenance of their children and she is now making allegations to extort money. He questioned why his first wife was silent all these years.

Mustafa reportedly ended his relationship with Ayesha in 2013. He tied the knot with Priyamani, who is basking in the success of her latest web series The Family Man 2, in 2017.