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Prince Harry may need some help with his social media. The Royal's management needs to be "improved" following a social media blunder on Instagram, claimed royal correspondent Caroline Frost.

Prince Harry made a mistiming during the launch of the Sussex Royal Instagram account, revealed a royal correspondent. Now, in this day and age, social media presence is of paramount importance, even if you are part of one of the most famous families in the world. Without a social media presence, Prince Harry could struggle to stay relevant. Even his marriage to a Hollywood celebrity like Meghan Markle may not help him in the long run.

While discussing the private christening of baby Archie, Ms. Frost told Sky News: "It's all in the timings of these things. "So we had Prince Harry telling a young audience 'stay away from social media, it can damage your mental health, please live lives in balance and stop worrying about how you look'. 

Prince Harry
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Ms. Frost added that the Royals literally launched their Instagram account, the very next day they. And that she thinks there's a little bit of management perhaps that needs to be improved. Now Prince Harry may have many more important things to attend to than his social media profiles, but no matter how much good he does as a Royal, if his social media doesn't trumpet his achievements. Prince Harry could very well be forgotten by the masses, or at the very least, the public could stop caring about Prince Harry altogether.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been private about their lives. But the public and the press want to know everything they can about the famous Royal couple. And we hope that the couple Sussex gets better social media management and obliges the public. You can check out the video here: