Prince William and Prince Harry
Prince William and Prince HarryGetty Images

Growing up usually changes things, relationships change, friends drift apart, those who were thick as thieves may also find themselves slowly losing touch with the ones who they were close to.

Apparently, Prince Harry "doesn't need" his older brother Prince William anymore, now he has his wife Meghan Markle for support, according to a relationship expert.

Sheela Mackintosh-Stewart, a matrimonial consultant and relationship guru, said the Princes have a "deep affection" for each other, despite rumours of a royal rift. However, she said that while William used to "look after" Harry when they were younger, he has grown up and doesn't need "constant support" from him. This is especially because he now has Meghan to be his rock.

Ms. Mackintosh-Stewart said: "With Meghan to rely on, Harry no longer needs the constant support and engagement with his older brother."

"William likewise doesn't feel he needs to 'look after' his younger brother as much these days."

Now, we have to say that relationships evolve and Prince Harry not being dependent on Prince William should be a good thing.

She added that Harry's marriage and looming fatherhood has changed his priorities. 

Prince William Prince Harry
rince William, Duke of Cambridge (L) and Prince Harry attend a Business Leaders Employment meeting, hosted by the Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on September 10, 2014Getty Images

The relationship expert said: "Long gone is his party boy persona.

"He is clearly now focused and committed on becoming the best father and husband he can be, whilst coming into his own as a senior royal."

Ms. Mackintosh-Stewart also said the Royal brothers have a "strong friendship", even if they are "clashing over certain things".

She added: "With Harry asking William to be his best man, it is clear that the brothers have a close bond and share a mutual admiration.

We have to say that a brotherly bond is quite a strong relationship and is quite difficult to wear thin. And it seems like the bond between Prince Harry and Prince William is still strong.