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Prince Harry may have become the butt of a hilarious prank at the announcement of the 2020 Invictus Games team. Reportedly, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry shared a touching picture revealing how the Duke fell victim to a hilarious prank.

The Duke of Sussex reportedly met the British team set to head off to the next edition of the games in the Hague next year. Whilst meeting the team and taking a number of group photos, one sportsman played a trick on Harry. The sportsman was caught out putting his fingers up behind Harry's head while a picture was being taken. He was snapped from behind, mid-prank, and the image was uploaded to the Sussex's Instagram account.

Now, such a move is risky to say the least, since decorum and protocols of behavior are always in play when it comes to the Royals. But it looks like Prince Harry took the gesture in stride. Even though he was the butt of the joke, he seemed to handle it with grace and good humour. 

The image's caption read: "Some more fun moments from the announcement of the UK Invictus team 2020. "Because they work hard and play hard too!"

But it didn't seem to stop there, another athlete pulled Prince Harry close for a picture and may have gotten a little too handsy with the Duke. Apparently, one of the competitors, Lynsey Kelly, had put her arms around the Duke of Sussex' waist for a team picture. As she squeezed between other teammates and the Prince, one of her hands accidentally slipped down and was stuck on Harry's bottom.

Prince Harry seemed to take that act in stride as well. The Duke of Sussex seems to be showing a whole lot of patience lately. Which is certainly a good thing. You can check out the pic here: