Meghan Markle
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Meghan Markle has been receiving quite some flack and historically speaking, all royal mothers have been on the receiving end of extreme criticism, whether it is from the media or from the entire country.

But, the people who are always around the Duchess of Sussex, will give a better criticism of the Duchess of Sussex and unfortunately they are neither good as well. In an article that was published on Tatler, written by David Jenkins, the author describes a situation where he was having dinner along with "some old-fashioned grandees, one of whom has connections with Kensington Palace."

There the author overheard that the staff at Kensington Palace are already calling her "Me-Gain" and one of her peers even believes that "She's trouble." Such was the discussion about Meghan who was even compared to the Duchess of York.

When Sarah got married to Prince Andrew, everyone had assumed that the "fun-filled redhead" would unshackle the chains of the monarchy in the royal household. Only to be described by the one-time Private Secretary to the Queen, Lord Charteris of Amisfield as "vulgar."

Prince Harry
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The article also claims that Harry can't stop staring at Meghan and that he is "cow-eyed" with devotion towards her. The Tatler article has also raised questions about the Meghan Markle's advisers, who are not royal palace regulars, but her own connections.

The decision to let Meghan's friend speak on behalf of the Duchess to People magazine about the Duchess's conflict of interest with her father, was one such advice given by them and it backfired miserably.

The author in the article has further revealed that though Prince Charles was fascinated by Markle, when she was dating Harry, the Prince had allegedly told a friend, "I just hope he (Harry) doesn't marry her."

The recent allegations came at a time when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are moving to Frogmore residence. In fact, the royal couple was expected to move earlier but delayed because of too many changes in their schedule.

The royal household has also complained that the royal couple is too demanding and that has clearly shown how authoritarian they could be, as they gear up to become one of the famous parents.