Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy, who have dated on and off between 2004 and 2011, are said to be rekindling their relationship. While reports of Cressida Bonas making it back in the royal's life have been running wild, the latest buzz suggests that Harry maybe considering getting back with his college sweetheart, Chelsy Davy. Looks like the couple want to give their love another chance.

The couple has been apparently, secretly hooking up and the corporate lawyer flew all the way to London to spend time with Harry on his 31st birthday.

"They decided they would like to give their relationship another chance. They still have strong feelings for each other," a source told US Weekly.

Apparently, Harry reconnected with Davy during his conservation trip in Africa and reportedly asked her out soon after her breakup with Charles Goode in January. "Their split was dramatic but they never hated each other. Harry held a flame for her for a long time, as she did for him and he soon began asking her out for meals shortly after her split with her ex-boyfriend Charles Goode in January," an insider told OK! Magazine.

The report further said that the couple spent some quality time while Prince William's brother was in Africa over the summer. "He chose the itinerary himself based on his own interest. Chelsy flew to visit him at least twice. And I know they spent time in South Africa as well," the insider added.

Their relationship has matured over the years and their expectations too have changed, the report further stated. "The things they're looking for in life have changed. Neither of them goes out like they used to, and Harry would love to settle down. He's enjoying so many awesome things in terms of life experience, but he does get lonely," a source said.

"Harry sees what [Prince William] and [Kate Middleton] have and wants that," the source added.

In fact, Chelsy is open to the idea of taking the relationship to the next level. "She has seen that Harry can live as he wants but still continue to serve the country. It's proving to her that Harry is bucking tradition and doing his own thing. And he wants it to be the same for his wife," a source said.

So, is it Cressida Bonas or Chelsy Dave? Well, only time or Prince Harry will tells us.