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Prince Harry may have his work cut out for him in the Royal Family. Royal expert Ingrid Seward has revealed on occasions Harry would be "completely left out" by members of the royal household when he was younger.

This claim seems a bit far-fetched as it is playing on the assumption that parents have a favourite child. There could be some truth to that assumption, but to insinuate that Prince Harry might be left out of the family in favour of his elder brother might be pushing it.

Ms. Seward, a veteran royal commentator for over 30 years, also claims it was made very clear to Harry that he was "number two" in the pecking order when it came to the children of Prince Charles and Diana. Well, he is the younger of the two brothers and Royal hierarchy is pretty straightforward when it comes to the throne. There doesn't seem to be any grand plan to cut Prince Harry from the Royal Family. In a telling Channel 4 documentary, Meghan and Harry: The Baby Years, Ms. Seward recalls an incident with the late Queen mother. 

Prince Harry
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She told the broadcaster: "The Queen Mother used to say, 'Come on William come and sit next to me', and little Harry would be completely left out." The treatment of the then third-in-line to the throne made the Princess of Wales "anxious", according to Ms. Seward. The Royal expert may be reading a little too much into seemingly innocuous behavior. She added that Harry has always known he was number two. The Duke of Sussex and the Duke of Cambridge have their own roles to play in the Royal Family and from what we can see, they are both doing a fine job. You can check out the video here: