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Theories on who the mysterious "A" could be have been swirling around for years now, and fans will finally learn the truth before Season 7 airs.

As per showrunner Marlene King, fans will be able to guess the identity of "A" in the coming few episodes, and a good number of theories suggest Hanna, Paige and even Mona, who is believed to be dead, could be the hooded character who has wrecked the Liars' lives.

The big "A" reveal is going to be a shock, and as per cast member Laura Leighton, who essays Ashley Marin, the reveal will leave fans screaming. "The moment A is revealed, you will be screaming! #PLLchat," the actress recently tweeted.

The cast is getting ready for Season 6, and it is possible that Leighton has already seen the script for the next season.

Meanwhile, "PLL" executive director Joseph Dougherty recently opened up to The Hollywood Reporter about what happens after the "A" reveal, saying: "[Marlene's] desire right now is to not run the concept of 'A' all the way to the end of the series. She thinks, if we do something like that, it will be kind of a thin soup. She wants to make sure the questions are answered in a very effective way, and as usually the case with questions when they're answered, they produce new questions."

"We feel that we've got to satisfy our rather loyal fanbase, and hopefully we can do that and then have them want a little bit more. There are mysteries inside of mysteries, but we want to make sure everybody's satisfied at the end of the day, including ourselves. It isn't going to be Gilligan's Island — we won't leave them on the island," he added.

The next episode of "Pretty Little Liars" is titled "The Bin of Sin", and according to spoilers, Hanna and Caleb will break into the storage unit, but they will be busted by Tanner and Toby. And, one person who will be very upset with the latest development will be Spencer.

In the promo, Spencer is seen yelling at Hanna: "You screwed yourself by going in there. You screwed over Caleb, too!"

"Pretty Little Liars" Season 5 airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET, on ABC Family.