One of the popular fan theories regarding A's true identity is that it could be Wren Kingston, a doctor at Rosewood Community Hospital.

Wren hasn't been seen in season 6, but this could change on Tuesday's episode when Charles reveals his true identity, and fan theories about Wren and Charles being the same person turn out to be true.

Speculation that Wren is Charles gained momentum last month when a Reddit user, claiming to be someone associated with the production of "Pretty Little Liars", claimed that the doctor is Charles, aka A.

However, actor Julian Morris, who plays Wren, isn't too sure if he is the villain. But at the same time he told Zap2it at the 2015 TCA summer press tour that if Wren does turn out to be A, it would be iconic.

"I think whoever is the big villain, it's this iconic character in an iconic show, so I think whoever does end up [being 'A'] — whether it's me or not — it'd be something amazing to play," said Morris. "Having spoken to [creator Marlene King] about it, I know Marlene's got a really incredible plan. The genius of Marlene is that she knows exactly what she's doing. She's got a grand master plan in her head."

According to Seventeen, over the past five seasons "Pretty Little Liars" has been dropping a lot of clues hinting at Wren being A aka Charles.

Reportedly, executive producer Marlene King said in the past that A was in the pilot, and Wren has been present since the first episode. King also revealed in a recent Twitter chat Charles is not a random guy.

Also, the video of Mrs Dilaurentis with Jason and Charles was not the first time viewers first saw the three of them together. Seventeen noted that Wren was seen drawing a sketch that resembled the scene in that video.

"Pretty Little Liars" airs on Tuesdays on ABC Family. The season 6 summer finale will be aired on 11 August.