It's prom night on ABC Family's "Pretty Little Liars" and things are going to get crazy, as Charles is expected to be unmasked at the end of the episode.

The girls are going to be banned from attending Rosewood High School's prom celebration due to security reasons. But their mothers try to make the best out of this situation by throwing a party in Spencer's barn. The mothers will also use this opportunity to reconnect with their daughters and touch base on everything that has happened to them.

"But one to never miss a formal, Charles has other plans in store to make this a night they will never forget," the official synopsis teased.

The previous episode saw Charles getting ready for prom by taking a tuxedo out of a limo and placing needles in the vehicle. Red coat was also shown handing him two tickets to Rosewood High School's prom.

A promo for Tuesday's episode shows Alison talking to Charles on the phone, and later telling her friends that she won't leave until he looks her in the eye. And by the end of the episode, Charles will reveal himself to Alison, but fans won't get to see his face until episode 10 entitled "Game Over, Charles" airs.

Executive producer Marlene King tweeted about the 11 August finale, warning fans that it is going to be an emotional one.

"Just watched the final playback of next week's finale. I'm still crying. And I still have goosebumps. You will see, hear and know who A is," she said.

"I still cry evey time I see it," King replied to a fan's question on whether the finale will be emotional. "U will see Charles. U will hear Charles. U will know Charles. As the PLLs discover A's story, so will you," King revealed in yet another tweet.

"Pretty Little Liars" season 6 episode 9 can be watched live Tuesday at 8 pm EST on ABC Family. The episode can be watched online on