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The elusive "A" is out to frame Hanna for Mona's murder on "Pretty Little Liars," and things might take a turn for the worse for Hanna in the next episode titled "The Bin of Sin."

Tuesday's episode saw Spencer and Caleb rushing off to a storage facility where they believe Mona's body is kept. While they initially believe the storage unit is owned by Alison and detective Holbrook, it was later revealed that the unit was registered to Hanna. And in the next episode, Hanna will set out to clear her name, but "A" is not going to let her do that so easily.

As per the official synopsis of "The Bin of Sin," Hanna is going to take matters into her own hands to clear her name. "When Caleb and her friends try to come up with a safe plan to get Hanna off the hook, it isn't good enough for her. Taking her fate into her own hands, Hanna strikes out alone to clear her name," the synopsis reads.

Meanwhile, secrets are going to create a wedge between Spencer and Toby, as she continues to remain tight-lipped about her adventures with Caleb. Relationship between Aria and Ezra will also be strained after she reveals the truth about the letter she sent to his ex.

It is not immediately known if these couple will break up, but with two more seasons to go, it is guaranteed that couples on "Pretty Little Liars" will endure some sort of drama.

As the season moves forward, Sara Shepard, the author who penned all 16 "Pretty Little Liars" books is going to make an appearance. This will be Shepard's second appearance on the show, having made her debut in season one.

"It was really fun!" Shepard dished to ETOnline. "I only had a couple of lines, but I was on the show in the first season. I don't act, it's not my thing, and I was really nervous that time, but this time around, I felt a lot better about it."

"Pretty Little Liars" Season 5 airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family.