Salman Khan has somewhere secretly made peace with the fact that Katrina Kaif has now moved on to Ranbir Kapoor. But his fans are in no mood to embrace the truth.

Apparently, the superstar's admirers wish to sabotage the Kapoor scion's recently-released film "Tamasha", so their favourite cine idol's "Prem Ratan Dhan Payo" sees an uninterrupted run at theatres.

"Salman fans want to sabotage Ranbir's new release Tamasha because they want an uninterrupted run of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo at the box-office to continue," Subhash K Jha quoted an insider as saying.

Ranbir, who shies away from media glare and the temptations of social media, is unaware of the wars the followers wage every now and then on social media. Rishi Kapoor, who is active onTwitter, has often had to face the wrath of Salman's fans.

However, an industry source cleared the "Sultan" actor's name saying he has a fair approach towards life, adding that the 49-year-old star has nothing against the couple.

"He has even acted with Katrina post their break-up. The actress remains friends with his family. He certainly doesn't approve of this kind of bullying, cyber or otherwise. He once blasted his fans online for targetting SRK and his film, while he was not on talking terms with the actor. Ultimately, though, there is no guarantee whether they will listen to reason," the insider added.

Salman may have his differences with colleagues and actors, but he has never really spoken ill of them. During the cold war with SRK, he may have joked about him in public a few times, but never had anything vile to say about him.