Preity Zinta is one fiery actress. Apart from being sensational onscreen, the diva has never failed to amaze us with her bold decisions off the screen too. Preity Zinta was the first actress to speak up about underworld threat, the first actress to uninhibitedly speak about her co-actresses and the first actress to own an IPL team.

Preity Zinta, Yuvraj Singh, Deepika Padukone
Preity Zinta, Yuvraj Singh, Deepika Padukone.

While her team was doing wonders at the playground, it was Preity's closeness with Brett Lee and Yuvraj Singh that was making the headlines. Preity and Yuvraj's striking chemistry was hard to miss. The fact that the two came from Punjabi background brought them even closer. While everything about their body language said they were more than good friends, Preity and Yuvraj never accepted it.

Another cricketer who was besotted by Preity was Brett Lee. The dimpled man had a soft corner for Preity, which was evident in all his interviews. He spoke about her fondly and the two were even spotted at dinners and outings together. However, Brett Lee also dismissed it as just a friendship and nothing beyond.

Preity's secret wedding and newfound brothers

After Preity tied-the-knot in a hush-hush wedding, and when reports of Yuvraj's marriage to Hazel started surfacing, Preity told DNA, "I am a private person. I am amazed when I see so much being written about my life, without being confirmed by me. It has stopped bothering me, but there are a few things that I have taken to heart. When I was linked with Yuvraj Singh and Brett Lee – I will never forget that. They are my brothers. And I have decided to personally visit Lee and Yuvi on Raksha Bandhan and tie rakhis to them."

"Do you know the wedding date? I am asking because I need to have a special shaadi present for him - a box of rakhis (laughs). I am happy that he is getting hitched. We share a great bond. He was a part of our team and has seen the ups and downs," she further added.