Amid issuance of latest coronavirus lockdown guidelines by the MHA, West Bengal health department announced that pregnant women with suspected or confirmed coronavirus infection should have their childbirth only at secondary and territory level delivery points.

The health department stated in their guideline that, all medical college hospitals were directed to have separate OT for such pregnant women. They should be kept under isolation from other regular patients.

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Infants born to Covid-19 positive mothers

"The standards and facilities required for infection control in these areas should be the same as that of other adults with suspected and confirmed Covid-19 infection," it said. Infants born to women with Covid-19 should be fed according to the standard infant feeding guidelines applying necessary precautions, it said.

While breastfeeding her child, such a mother need to maintain respiratory hygiene by using a triple-layer mask, and hand hygiene before and after contacting the baby said the guideline. Auxiliary nurse-midwifery (ANM) and Asha workers should keep a tab on all pregnant women and especially high- risk pregnancies to ensure early detection of complications and follow-up.