Sameera Reddy Marriage

Bollywood actress Sameera Reddy, who is pregnant with Akshai Varde's second child, has come down heavily on trollers for body-shaming her and asked whether their mother was hot when she was pregnant.

A host of Bollywood actresses like Neha Dhupia, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Kareena Kapoor Khan have been fat-shamed post the delivery of their babies. Sameera Reddy was also one of those who was mercilessly trolled on social media for gaining weight after becoming pregnant for the first time.

Sameera Reddy was talking to media on the sidelines of an event in Mumbai when she lost her cool on body-shaming. "I want to ask one thing to the trollers... Where have you come from? You have come out of a mother only. Was your mom hot, when you came out? It's shameful," the actress told reporters.

Sameera Reddy added, "Pregnancy is such a natural process. It's so beautiful. It took me time to (lose weight) with the first baby. Maybe it'll take me time with the second baby. But what's most important is to embrace yourself. And to all trolls: 'Say what you want guys, I think I have a superpower, I'm giving birth to a baby."

The actress said that she used to hide everything during her first pregnancy, but she is now feeling proud. "In my first pregnancy, I was very shy and thought about a lot of things but now I feel it's very different. I remember I used to cover up a lot during the first pregnancy now I'm like bring it on. I can also be hot when I'm pregnant. So it's just a matter of mindset," said Sameera Reddy.

Sameera Reddy also said that not everyone will be like Kareena Kapoor, who took very little time to come back in shape. The actress added, "There are sexy ones like Kareena Kapoor who come out looking fully hot, and there are people like me who take time (to get back in shape)."

Sameera Reddy and Akshai Varde, who bonded over their mutual passion for motorbikes, tied the knot in Mumbai on January 2014. The couple welcomed their first child on May 24, 2015. The actress had bid adieu to her film career post her first pregnancy.