After speculations that Prince Harry will announce his engagement with girlfriend Meghan Markle around Christmas this year, a new claim says that the couple will not be taking the "next" step anytime before summer next year.

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If rumours are to be believed, the couple will not get engaged anytime before May next year and Kate Middleton is to be blamed. A source "with excellent contacts in the palace" told Daily Beast that the couple have stalled their engagement news until the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge welcome their third baby.

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"There won't be any announcement until at least after Kate has had her baby in April," the source said. The insider also adds that even if they announce their engagement, the couple might not reach the altar immediately after. The couple could move-in together, spend about a year or so before they don the wedding attires, the magazine writes.

The news comes days after rumours about Markle's shift to London made headlines.

"The signs of seriousness are there—her VF cover, appearing together in public—but there is always room for doubt because he is a serial commitment-phobe. He is said to be a 'love addict' and his parents' example is far from encouraging," the source explains.

While there has not been any clarification from the couple or the Palace, royal fans did witness Kate Middleton stepping out to flaunt her growing baby bump. Kate attended the Kensington Palace charity gala sporting a black designer gown that highlighted her pregnant belly.

The elegant £785 Diane Von Furstenberg frock worn on the occasion had been sported by the Duchess in the past. Kate had worn this dress when she was pregnant with Charlotte, in 2014.

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When Kate wore the dress previously, she had her hair tied up. But this time, Kate chose to let her tresses hang down her shoulder. She stayed low on the accessories department.

Kate completed her look for the evening with some dark eye shadow to enhance her features, sparkling earrings, a statement chunky bracelet and a black clutch in her hand. Kate is expected to deliver her third baby sometime in April.