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Actor-filmmaker Partap Pothen recently made headlines when he commented against Padma Shri Award-winning actor Jayaram on his Facebook page. His post on the social networking site triggered controversy and was not taken well by fans of Jayaram.

After a few hours, Pratap Pothen deleted his post and umour has it that he did so after Jayaram's fans posted outrageous comments regarding his move. On 29 May (Friday) night, Pratap posted a new statement on his official facebook page, explaining why he made a statement against Jayaram on a public forum.

"Now this is my final take on the Jayaram post since everyone is speculating. Why I took the post down because I was afraid of his fans, thats a laugh. Fraud accounts on fb don't frighten me," Pratap wrote on his Facebook page.

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According to Pratap Pothen, he wanted to launch Jayaram's son Kalidas in a Malayalam movie that led him to make a remark like this. It was the producers who told Pratap about Kalidas and later, the star asked him to give a call. Jayaram later said he will talk to his son about the project as he is happy with producers.

Since there was no reply from Jayaram, Pratap called him back after three days and the kind of response the star gave, disturbed him.

"He told the producers to ask me to call him, which I did. His reply was - I am okay with the producers but let me ask him. All this without hearing what the story was about. I waited two days and since this was going to be the second one I do in Malayalam, I was patient. I called him after three days at which he said you know my son is busy till next year October. So i asked him whether he wants to hear the story , he said no he does not want to work with old directors. Well that made me upset and hence I put out the status because as an actor there is a decent way of refusing and there is a nasty way. He chose the nasty way and talked down to me," clarified Pratap.

He also added that the media could have checked with him to know the reason for taking down his first post, rather than going ahead with speculations of him being scared of Jayaram's fans.

Pratap Pothen Against Jayaram
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