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Prathap Pothen and JayaramFacebook/ Prathap Pothen/ Jayaram

Actor-filmmaker Prathap Pothen is often known for voicing honest opinions. To make his opinions known to people, he takes to social networking sites like Facebook.

But when he openly slammed a popular Malayalam actor recently on Facebook, it triggered a massive controversy on social media and in the film industry too.

Although Pothen did not mention the actor's name in his post, he left enough clues for audience to understand that he was hinting at Jayaram.

Pothen began his post by mentioning about a mimicry artist, who was introduced by his brother's company and later became a superstar. He later mentioned how this star bought Padma Shri and considered himself to be Marlon Brando.

The matter turned serious when he called the actor an "uncultured guy", making sure the audience understands which actor he is talking. He further mentioned the controversial "dark fat buffalo" remark about his maid.

A few years ago, Jayaram had got entwined in a controversy when he called his maid "dark fat buffalo like a Tamil woman". Following this, a city-based advocate had filed a defamation case against the actor. Later, a pro Tamil group had attacked his house for mentioning a Tamil woman as "dark skinned".

The actor tendered an unconditional apology for his remarks against Tamil women and said that he did not intend to hurt anyone's feelings.

"A person who speaks bad about the colour of the people in whose land you live in and call the women of the great Tamilnadu black and like Buffaloes needs a kick out of the place that fed him. A man who I hold in complete contempt, as if he is aryan and the people of Tamilnadu are black need to kicked out of the place that fed him a racist .. And an uncouth man ... Dark is beautiful you moron and please read something that will help u grow as a human being ...being fair is hardly human," wrote Pratha Pothen on his Facebook Page.

Prathap Pothen Jayaram Controversy
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