One of the biggest reasons why people choose iPhones over Android phones is that they do not crash. But not all gadgets are 100 percent bug-free, and this holds good for the iPhones too. From the latest iPhone XS Max to the older iPhone 6, all of Apple flagships seem to be affected by this bug, which briefly crashes the elite iPhones.

After bugs like sending a text with a waving white flag emoji, a zero, a rainbow and a hidden character called a variation selector and setting the date to January 1, 1970, crashed iPhones in the past, a new bug has come to haunt Apple's proud fans.

The next time your friend defends his or her iPhone for never crashing, this little trick can help you win an argument. After several users reporting this bug, Kaspersky Lab wanted to verify if repeating the word "hyphen" five times using voice input crashes your iPhone. Well, the verdict is in and it sure does crash an iPhone.

If you're using iPhone 6, 6s, 6s Max, iPhone 8, iPhone X, and iPhone XS Max with iOS 12.1, then the iPhone-crashing bug will trick you. But owners of iPhone SE with iOS 10.3.1 shouldn't fear the bug, but if you've upgraded to the latest iOS then you might need to be cautious.

Another iPhone-crashing bug
Another iPhone-crashing bugKaspersky Lab

Is the bug harmful?

This is the million-dollar question and the answer to that is quite simple. No, the iPhone crashing bug doesn't harm your iPhone in any way. In fact, the brief crash that appears after those rehearsed "hyphens" only takes you to the home screen. The bug is harmless to the maximum extent, where it won't even delete any data in the process.

Many users have tried it out and shared the results on Twitter. After a few seconds, the iPhone continued to work like nothing ever happened. 

You can try it out!

Kaspersky Lab conducted its own tests on this popular bug and found it to work on most iPhones.

"It looks like saying "Hyphen" five times crashes the iOS launcher, bringing you to the home screen. But the phone works just as it did before, with no information lost, so we can safely assume that saying "hyphen" five times to your iPhone is safe, and you can try it yourself if you want," the security firm wrote in its blog.

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Apple iPhone XS MaxKVN Rohit/IBTimes India

To try it out for fun, you can create a text note, activate voice input and say "hyphen" five times. Soon after, you'll be taken to the home screen, but when you actually go back to the text note app, all those dictated "hyphens (-)" will appear intact. This proves the bug doesn't cause any loss of information, Kaspersky confirmed.

Watch the video below: