Pranav Panchbudhe
Pranav Panchbudhe

Digital marketing is currently a definitive career path, which has garnered the attention of the masses. It is an extremely challenging, exciting, fast-paced industry and this is the ideal time for building a career in digital marketing. Like in every career, digital marketing also has its own challenges but its rewards can be lucrative. The demand for skilled expertise in the field is at its peak, while there is a great shortage of experienced professionals.

There are many examples of how people utilized their creative abilities in a variety of ways in order to make their career in social media and digital marketing and Pranav Panchbudhe is one of them. The 18-year-old had a passion for social media from a very young age. He followed content creators on social media and aspired to be one of them.

One day, Pranav was flabbergasted by knowing the power of social media platforms like Instagram, where people just share pictures and videos of their daily life and achieve so many things in life. Since Pranav was from a small city of Nagpur, he wasn't too exposed to social media life. But his dedication to achieving his goals was impeccable. At an early age, he started a page, which failed. He started some more pages, which failed again. His hope for doing something big was nipped into the bud.

After learning about the Instagram algorithms, he managed to grow his following to up to 1 million followers. He switched to the TikTok platform in the last year and he has since been managing more than 10 pages at a time with more than 6 million user base.

All these started when he was only 15 years old. Although he failed several times, he never gave up. Pranav makes a heavy 6 figure salary just by doing what he loves and he is really happy in his life. He has set an example of following a passion and turning it into a successful profession.