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The war of words between director Srinu Vaitla and actor Prakash Raj, who had a fallout with each other on the sets of "Aagadu", does not seem to end anytime soon. The actor says that the director insulted Pawan Kalyan and Junior NTR in the Mahesh Babu-starrer film.

Prakash Raj had allegedly abused Srinu Vaitla's assistant director on the sets of "Aagadu" and his boorish behaviour did not go well with the director. This was the reason behind the altercation between the two that led the actor opting out of the film. Things turned ugly when Prakash objected to Vaitla using his poem in "Aagadu". The director held a press conference to clarify why he used the poem.

While some producers are trying to patch things up between the two, Prakash Raj has reignited the fight with his latest comment. "He is making baseless allegations against me. I can tolerate that, but why is he insulting top stars like Pawan and NTR? I think Vaitla owes an answer to the public as they are keenly watching his cheap tactics," Bangalore Mirror quoted Prakash Raj as saying.

What irked Prakash Raj the most is that Srinu pressed for a ban on him and he thinks the failure of "Aagadu" might be the reason for his boorish behaviour. "I only suggest that if he changes himself, it will be better for him. I have nothing personal against Vaitla. If things work out well, I am willing to work with him in future as well. I know he is seeking a ban on me, but I will never ever stoop to his level to demand a ban against him," said the actor.

In response to Raj's comment, Srinu Vaitla denied insulting the leading Telugu actors. "Raj has termed "Aagadu" a flop. Being a film personality, how can he say a movie is flop when it's running to packed houses? If "Aagadu" is flop, so is his recent directorial venture, "Ulavacharu Biriyani". On his accusation that I insulted Pawan and NTR, let me say that a few satirical dialogues used in the flick are not meant to vilify anyone," he said. 

Meanwhile, Srinu Vaitla has advised the actor to tone down his behaviour. "I think Prakash, who has had the maximum number of bans to his credit, need not teach me how to behave or direct a film. It is high time Prakash Raj mended his ways," said the director.