Prakash Raj
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While Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan and Upendra are entering politics, actor Prakash Raj believes actors should not join politics and should rather focus on their responsibility towards their fans.

Post the murder of journalist Gauri Lankesh, Prakash Raj has been talking about some current issues and he has been trolled several times for his comments on Narendra Modi and others. He was branded as leftist, but he often denied it and said he neither supports leftist nor rightist ideology.

With several actors from South India like Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan and Upendra taking a plunge into politics, there were speculations that Prakash Raj also might take cue. But at a press conference in Bangalore on Sunday, he said he has no such plans putting an end to rumours.

"I'm not joining any political party. I don't like actors joining politics because they are actors & have fans. They should always stay aware about their responsibility towards them: Prakash Raj in Bengaluru," ANI‏ quoted Prakash Raj as saying. "Film actors becoming leaders is a disaster for my country," he added.

Meanwhile, Prakash Raj also spoke about the controversy around the playing of the national anthem in theatres and he supported that Supreme Court's judgement: No need to stand at cinema to prove patriotism. "I don't think someone should stand in a cinema hall and show his or her patriotism," he said.

However, many netizens seem to not agree with Prakash Raj's opinion on actors joining politics. Some feel that his remark is aimed at superstars Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan and Upendra, who are up for a career in politics. A few even countered him saying there are many actors from Sunil Dutt to Paresh Rawal, who have proved successful as politicians.

In reply to ANI Twitter post, Anirudh Routray‏ @anirudharoutray wrote, "Looks like paid from some party against Rajani n Kamal @prakashraaj @ikamalhaasan."

Darshit Joshi‏ @DarshitJoshi_ tweeted, "From Sunil DuttSahab to Paresh Rawal, people of India choose actors if they're working towards their development.. why such outrage? Not getting importance?? India is World's Largest Democracy, people with good hearts and development for society core agenda should work towards Better India #NewIndia like Paresh Rawal @SirPareshRawal."