Mahat Raghavendra with his girlfriend Prachi Mishra
A picture of Mahat Raghavendra with Prachi Mishra.Prachi Mishra Facebook page

Mahat Raghavendra's act in Bigg Boss Tamil 2 has taken a severe toll on his personal life as his girlfriend Prachi Misha has decided to end her relationship with him. This comes after the actor's confession to Yashika in the latest episode of Bigg Boss Tamil 2 that he has fallen love with her

She posted a video on her Instagram account where he is seen claiming that they have been dating for eight months. "I am going to Bigg Boss house today. I am going to comeback after three months. Its been eight months since we started dating. It is going to be hard, because I have never stopped talking to you till date. First time ever, we are not going to be talking over phone, messages, seeing each other, but you get to see me , but I will not be able to see you. [sic]" the actor says in the clip.

The actress wrote that the latest development would not change her life and expressed her disappointment over his behaviour in the Bigg Boss Tamil house. Below is the text posted by her on Instagram:

This is how #mahat went inside the house, I sent someone whom I love and we planned our life around the big boss timing etc.

I am making my personal life public so that ppl who are bombarding my social media with msgs of sympathy or filthy things - plz know one thing that mahat Went inside Like this! He was in love and I still am.... To answer everyone - I am not with him anymore, but I will meet him in Person and discuss everything.

He is in love with Yashika and that's open now, I am hurt but this will not change my life and I will take care of myself.

He is mean to Mumtaz and his only well wisher janani , he is not standing for her too!

It's a humble Request to everyone plz stop asking me anything about him, thank you for all the msgs and concern that you have shown, it's my personal life and I will take care. 

Prachi Mishra has been on the receiving end from the fans of Bigg Boss Tamil show for his aggressive behaviour in the house and for his equation with Yashika.

Yashika had openly confessed in the house that she fell in love with Mahat, but he apparently started ignoring her thereafter as he was seeing Prachi Mishra. In the latest episode, the actor admitted about his love for the Iruttu Araiyil Murattu Kuthu girl.