Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor in Saaho
Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor in SaahoTwitter

Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor's Saaho opened to a gigantic hype across the nation on 30 October. The movie has garnered average to bad reviews from the audience cutting across language barriers, but the fans of the hero are complaining that the movie is being unfairly targeted by the fans of other actors to kill the prospects of the multilingual movie.

What do critics say?
Critics have found the movie to be an average outing. Prabhas's performance, the car chasing sequences and awe-inducing action blocks have been whole-heartedly praised by the reviewers. Although a few have complained about poor VFX scenes at parts, many have no issues with it considering the effort put in by the makers of the movie.

However, the problem lies with the narration. Too many twists and a weak storyline have not gone well with them, yet they have not called it a bad film.

Social Media Response
Well, there are hundreds of comments on Twitter which rip apart Saaho over its storyline and overall making. There are many people who have called it a "half baked product." For them, the first half is dull where Prabhas too cannot save the movie with his presence.

The fans of Prabhas have now hit out at those who are passing negative comments about Saaho. They complain that people are posting reviews without even watching the film to damage the prospects of the flick at the box office.

Prabhas's admirers blame the fans of other actors who are unfairly targeting the mega-budget flick Saaho by doing this negative campaign so that the box office records of their actors remain unaffected.

Select few comments can be read below:

VEGE: #Saaho Below avg movie... Teesukunna setup & idea ok.. but too many unnecessary threads which make the core idea useless.. Action part is ok at places.. Nothing much to say about rest Prabhas pulled it to an extent but he also looked odd at places...Could have been lot better

UrstrulyMouli❤: #Saahoreview Before spreading Fake reviews on #Saaho Just think about the hardwork of 1000s of people... And their effort!!! Support cheyapoyna parledhu atleast degrade cheyodhu!!! ❤❤

వేములపల్లి: Intha edavalu yenti #Bahubali ki antha comment chesina pattinchukokunda Anni interviews lo Chiranjeevi gurunchi positive gane move ayyadu #Prabhas kani inthala negative reviews rastunaru movie chudakunda boss fans ippatikaina siggu techukovali #Prabhasfans #Saahoreview #Saaho

UrstrulyMouli❤: I donno why people spreading fake and Negative Reviews for #Saaho grow up!!! #Saahoreview Movie already BB !!!!

KGF Buzz: This pani Puri seller gave same negative review for #KGF which became blockbuster.
Same will happen to #Saaho
It will be a blockbuster movie.
But this guy is fit to sell panipuri not to review movies.

Cinema Freak: Miru Chesina Negative Reviews Anni Daatukuni #Baahubali1 Laanti Block Buster Hit Kottina Stamina & Fan Base Maadhi. Saaho Ki Kuda Entha Try Cheskuntaro Try Cheskondi. #Saaho #Saahoreview #SaahoCelebrations #SaahoDay #SaahoOnAugust30 #Prabhas #SaahoInCinemas #SaahoFeverEverywhere

Vidyadhar VVSS: Ok after these comments understood who's running this negative campaign - mee hero ayana range cinemalu teeyakopote vere Valla meedha ediste emostundhi #SaahoInCinemas #Saaho

Sharat Chandra: who pays these negative mafia in tollywood, asal ye movie ochina first negative e rastunaru...veel andarni patkochi movie teeyam ani chepali....waste fellows...2-3 days aithe real talk ostadi mever believe first day talk...let the movie breathe a little #Saaho

PVK Infotainment: Could see lot of negative reviews spreading for #Saaho
Plz don't decide without watching.. there are negatives but it's easily a worth watchable movie for production value, stunts and visuals.
Interesting interval block and climax twist

Saikrishna: People started writing negative news? Foolish!! If you're capable of writing the reviews better do just a 15min of short film and show your visuals and idea. Then you will be able to know how pain and love towards cinema and efforts by the team. #Saaho #SaahoInCinemas