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In the upcoming "Power Rangers Dino Super Charge" episode, titled "Riches and Rags," it seems that after mistaking an ancient armour for a training dummy, Ivan aka Gold Ranger destroys it, only to realise its importance later.

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According to the synopsis of the episode, when Ivan mistakes a thousand-year-old suit of armour as a training dummy, he finds himself in debt after destroying it. Meanwhile, Heckyl sends in a hybrid monster named Spell Digger (a combination of Spellbinder and Gold Digger) to spread greed to anyone who touches his gold coins.

Heckyl is notorious for its evil monsters that it keeps breeding and the latest one will be a serious problem for the Rangers as they will find it rather difficult to resist Spell Digger's power of greed.

Elsewhere, Ivan is terrified when he finds the armour that he thought was a mere training object was in fact, a very precious one. The armour withholds several supernatural powers and it is up to the Gold Ranger and the others to retrieve it before it is too late.

Whether Ivan and other Rangers will be able to acquire the suit of armour or not will be seen only in the next episode.

In the previous episode titled "Home Run Koda," Kendall created a new Victory Charger that required the core 5 Energems. However, when Riley became Koda's coach on the Amber Beach Earthquakes baseball team, he had a hard time pulling himself away from the game to help the other Rangers.