Air China
An Air China jetliner descends to land past rows and rows of taxis waiting at the new airport terminal in Beijing on April 6, 2008.LIU JIN/AFP/Getty Images

A flight in China was forced to make an emergency landing moments after it took off following a woman claiming that she was "possessed."

The incident reportedly took place on an Air China flight flying from Beijing Capital International Airport to Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport in Sichuan, on December 20. The 50-something passenger sparked the mid-air emergency after she fainted 20 minutes into the take-off.

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When she gained consciousness, the passenger reportedly created a scene on board. She went on to tell flight attendants that 'there are things possessing my body', according to reports.

Her health condition was quickly reported to the cabin crew. The incident was then reported to the captain. He decided to return to Beijing and land so that the woman receives medical attention.

As per Mirror UK's report, a co-passenger told Pear Video that the cabin crew provided the woman with an oxygen mask to help her regain consciousness.

"Her pulse was also very weak, so they gave her an oxygen mask. Then she woke up shortly," the fellow traveller said. In the video, six people, including medical staff, are seen trying to calm the woman. But the woman asked the flight attendants to stay away from her. "No! Don't touch me! Don't pull me!" she said.

You can watch the video here

As per Daily Mail's report, The Paper reported that the captain decided to head back to Beijing so that the woman could receive treatment but the "possessed" woman refused to see a doctor. She also reportedly requested to see the pilot.

"I have to be in Chengdu. There are things possessing my body and you cannot find it by health checks," she yelled refusing to cooperate with the crew. She reportedly also attacked an air security officer after the plane landed.

According to reports, a customer service officer from Air China confirmed that the flight returned to the Beijing about 40 minutes after its take off. Paying no heed to the "possessed" claims, the customer service officer said the woman "experienced sudden illness."

This mid-air chaos resulted in the flight being delayed by five hours.