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Director Joshiy's Malayalam movie Porinju Mariam Jose (Mariyam/PMJ) starring Joju George, Chemban Vinod Jose and Nyla Usha, has garnered positive review and good rating from the audience.

Porinju Mariam Jose is an action thriller film and Abhilash N Chandran has written the script and dialogues for the movie. Reji Mon has bankrolled the flick under the banners Appu Pathu Pappu Production, David Kachappilly Production and Keerthana Movies. The movie has received a U certificate from the censor board and its runtime is.

Porinju Mariam Jose story: Kattalan Porinju (Joju George) is a butcher and the hero to the entire village. But he has an unfulfilled love story with village money-lender Alappattu Mariyam (Nyla Usha). Puthanpally Jose (Chemban Vinod Jose) and Porinju are friends thick as thieves. However, an altercation during a church procession leads to an ego tussle and makes way to violence and tension. What happens next forms the crux.

Performance: Joju George, Chemban Vinod Jose and Nyla Usha have delivered brilliant performances, which are the highlights of Porinju Mariam Jose. Rahul Madhav, Swasika, Vijayaraghavan, Salim Kumar, Sudhi Koppa, Kalabhavan Niyas and others have also done justice to their roles, say the audience.

Technical: Porinju Mariam Jose has decent production values. Jakes Bejoy's amazing background score, Ajay David Kachappilly's beautiful picturisation, action choreography and dialogues are the attractions on the technical front, add the viewers.

Porinju Mariam Jose movie review live updates: We bring you some viewers' response on the film shared on Twitter. Continue to see audience's verdict.

Forum Keralam (FK) @Forumkeralam1

#PorinjuMariamJose A movie that is so typical of Joshy n his style of film making. A revenge drama that is set in the late 80's. A story that we have seen Joshy himself try N number of times but still makes it watchable thanks to the making and the perfomance of the lead stars. No twists n turns here. A tale of 3 friends who go by names in the title of the movie. #Joju and #Chemban are outstanding along with #NylaUsha and #Vijayraghavan who are impressive. A fun filled first half followed by a serious at times violent second #Joshiy proves why his legacy isn't untarnished even after many duds. Give him a decent script and you will see what he is capable of. Makes this watchable with a wafer thin plot. BgM by #JakesBejoy is a treat at many a places.

Friday Matinee @VRFridayMatinee

#PorinjuMariamJose - Top Performance from the lead - #Joju,#Chemban and #Nyla.Backed up by good direction of #Joshiy.A Tale of Friendship-Love-Revenge told in an engaging manner. BGM by Jakes Bejoy Top Visuals as Well.Songs on average side. Good One

Madcap Pictures @Madcap_Pictures

#PorinjuMariamJose First Half Over Above Avarage First Half 3/5 ⭐ #ChembanVinod #jojujorge #joshi #MalayalamBoxOfffice

vighnesh ! @vignesh_sathyan

#PorinjuMariamJose Intervel "JOISHIY" The Brand is Back....!!!

Forum Reelz @Forum_Reelz

#PorinjuMariyamJose: Interval : Good First Half With Ample Mass & Entertainment #Joju & #Chemban Is Pure Lit On Screen Combo #Joshiy Back Where He Belongs #JakesBejoy Sets The Mood With His BGM

BoxOffice Critics @BOcritics

#PURINJUMARIYAMJOSE Decent First half Along With Good Performances From The Lead .Stunning BGM By Jakes Bejoy and Joshy's Making Of The Screenplay Adds To The Positive Side.Second Half Will Be The Game Changer. #PORINJUMARIYAMJOSE #PORINJUMARIYAMJOSE Ended With Good Note With Strong Performances From Nyla,Chempan &Joju. A Story Of Friendship,Love & Revenge Which Is Well Shot Enough To Engage. 1st Half Has Mass Scenes Which Makes Zero Impact While 2nd Half Scores Big Time. Rating : 3/5 @rameshlaus @sri50

Snehasallapam (SS) @SSTweeps

#PorinjuMariyamJose #Joju's Porinju is rich with Mass scenes. The humorous dialogue and humorous acting, of #Chemban Makes Jose fun. #Nyla's Mariyam is Strong and beauty. Even though the Story Is an old one Making Of Craft Man #Joshiy Makes The Movie A Good Entertainer

Cine Safari @CineSafari

#PorinjuMariamJose 3.25/5* A cult classic by #Joshiy in his own style. A tale of friendship, love & revenge in the late 80's Top class performance from the lead #Joju #Chemban & #Nyla @JxBe BGM is A watchable film for the making & great perfomance.

Malayalam BoxOffice @malyalammovieBO

#PorinjuMariamJose ✌ Mollywoods vintage director #joshiy is back with a bang after many duds Mass action entertainer with high performance from the lead #jojo #Chembanvinod #NylaUsha @JxBe intense bgm lifts the movie 3/5

Sandeep Dileep Kumar @SanDyDileEp

#PorinjuMariamJose Porinju MariyamJose Joshiy


#PorinjuMariamJose #PorinjuMariamJosereview A well packed action Mass movie And a perfect Casting, and now Joshiy sir Back with a Bang MOVIE RATING - 8.1