The torrent ecosystem witnessed massive losses in recent months. The disappearance of YTS, YIFY and Popcorn Time was felt across board with the users lost in the choice of finding their next torrent source. Not anymore.

Popcorn Time has finally managed to find its way back into the torrent ecosystem with some new changes. But, the new torrent client is yet to get some final tinkering before a "full comeback", Popcorn Time developer Wally told Torrent Freak.

In order to get the tweaked Popcorn Time app to work, a detailed walkthrough was posted on Reddit. The new app is referred to as fix instead of a new app altogether. After applying the fix, Popcorn Time works normally like nothing ever happened.

How to get a working Popcorn Time app? [Step-by-step guide] (via Reddit)

Solution 1: The best and simplest way to get a working Popcorn Time app on your PC is by uninstalling the old version and installing the new one on your Windows and Mac PCs. Make sure all the previous PT version files are gone from the Program Files before installing the new version.

Download for Windows
Download for Mac

Solution 2: If you prefer to take the long route, Windows users can alternatively following these steps below:

  1. Download: PopcornTimeFix.exe
  2. Close Popcorn Time
  3. Run PopcornTimeFix.exe

Windows users can also try: [Tip: Try a different browser if this step doesn't work.]

  1. Download: Popcorn-Time Patch
  2. Extract Popcorn-Time Patch
  3. Close Popcorn Time
  4. Run Popcorn-Time Patch.exe
  5. Click Patch!
  6. Click OK

These are the automatic methods to get Popcorn Time working on your PC, but if you can also opt for a manual method on both Windows and Mac by following Reddit's guide (Solution 5 and 6).

What has changed in the new Popcorn Time?

Firstly, applying a manual fix to the existing Popcorn Time is an additional step, which will be unnecessary when a fully operational version is released. According to Torrent Freak, the upcoming version of Popcorn Time will be foolproof against MPAA's efforts to shutdown. The developer, founder of the service, is patching all loopholes to make sure the future domains are untraceable.

Since YTS was the main provider of the movies for the original Popcorn Time app, the revived application uses TorrentAPI and the TV-show feed has been replaced by a custom API.

But these changes are not alarming as they serve the purpose for all the users who want to get their content with ease.