Poonam Pandey's topless videos go viral
Poonam Pandey's topless videos go viralInstagram

Kamasutra actress Poonam Pandey is known for posting erotica videos and photos on social media. For the past few days, she had been sharing her new Naked series which is keeping her fans entertained during coronavirus lockdown.

In her Naked video series, Poonam leaves no stone unturned to turn you on as she teases her assests like never before. From showing off her ample assests to flaunting her curves to the camera, the erotica actress will keep you hooked to her naked video series on Instagram.

Her fans have been thanking her for helping them to cope up with the ongoing situation in the country. Her each video is getting over 4 lakh views which itself tells you how people are getting obsessed with Poonam Pandey's naked videos as they continue to stay at home during lockdown.

Poonam Pandey
Poonam PandeyInstagram

Poonam has always been in the news for her steamy photo-ops in social media and stormy comments in the media. She had recently filed a complaint against Shilpa Shetty's husband, businessman Raj Kundra, and his associates for allegedly illegally using content featuring her even after a contract between the two parties was terminated.

Poonam Pandey files complaint against Shilpa Shetty's husband Raj Kundra

It started when Pandey signed a deal with Kundra and his associates, called Armsprime Media. The company was handling The Poonam Pandey App. She claims that they have been using content meant for the app even after the contract to do so expired by over eight months.

Pandey alleged that Kundra has been using the content and minting money. The actress stated that over a period of six months she has been getting obscene calls. It is being claimed that Kundra and his team were using her content explicitly and they even put out her personal contact number, writing "call me, I will strip for you".

Kundra and his associate Saurabh Kushwah have denied Pandey's charge and even claimed that they have not received any notice.

Raj Kundra, Shilpa Shetty
Raj Kundra, Shilpa ShettyVarinder Chawla

An official statement has been issued by Armsprime Media, signed by Kushwah, which states: "The allegations by Poonam Pandey are false and frivolous. We have not received any notice or even a copy of the Writ Petition filed. We are surprised at how can we even be made a party to such Petition. There has been a breach of contract on her part and we are exercising our rights as per the agreement. Since the matter is sub-judice in High Court, we don't wish to make any further statement. Just because Raj is an investor in Armsprime, she is trying to extort money by misusing criminal law."

On the other hand, Pandey is confident about her case. Meanwhile, check out Poonam's naked video series that has taken the Instagram by storm. 

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