Poonam Pandey
Poonam Pandey opens up on leaked sex-tape videoTwitter

Poonam Pandey is in news again for a wrong reason as the actress' sex video got leaked on social media recently. The diva has now finally reacted to the controversy.

Poonam made headlines as her sex-tape got shared on her own Instagram page on Friday. With over 2 million followers on Instagram, the video went viral in no time.

While many were speculating the video was accidentally posted, some others opined that it was a deliberate act to gain publicity. However, Poonam herself has now cleared the air, and said that it was leaked by one of her female friends.

In a new video, an apparent embarrassed Poonam said that she went to a female friend's house for dinner on Friday night, and mistakenly left her phone there. She said that the friend in an attempt to play a "stupid" prank on her, uploaded the video on Instagram.

She further said that by the time she realised it, and deleted the clip, it already garnered over 2 lakh views. She also said that it was a very private thing, and she never wanted it to be out in public.

Adding that she had a disastrous night, and instead of sitting at home and crying, she chose to face the incident, and come out of it.

Watch Poonam's new video where she speaks about the leaked sex-tape:

Although it was deleted after some time, the video showing Poonam having sex with her partner spread across all social media platforms. Earlier, some other videos had also made way into the internet where the actress was seen flaunting her assets.