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Pooja Gandhi has slammed the reports which claimed that she has escaped from an upscale hotel without clearing bill. The actress is hurt by the TV reports that linked her up with BJP leader Anil Menasinakayi.

"I am extremely sad and hurt by the reports. I wonder the way the news has been twisted and given new color to the entire episode. There is no truth in those reports and it has all started due to a miscommunication," she told a Kannada news channel.

Pooja Gandhi has admitted that she had booked the hotel during the shooting of a movie produced by her. "When a movie is being filmed, there are many artistes and technicians who come from other places. So, we had placed them in the hotel. And all the bills have been cleared up to date," the Mungaru Male girl claims.

She continues, "I was shocked to read the news on me failing to clear the payment. I have already spoken to the hotel's manager and he told me that it happened due to some miscommunication,"

TV reports had claimed that a complaint was filed by the hotel's security manager against Anil Menasinakayi and Pooja Gandhi for pending bills of Rs 3.35 lakh. According to the complaint, they had booked the hotel between March and April in 2017. She had cleared Rs. 22,83,129, but fled without paying Rs 3.35 lakh.

Pooja Gandhi feels that such news might have been spread due to political reasons. "Anil Menasinakayi is like my brother and we came to know each other during our association with the BSR party," she says.

The 36-year old is upset with some TV channels which have given a different picture to the story. "The complaint is about the bill settlement, but some TV channels have gone to the extent of stating that we were staying together in the hotel for two years.

How can they make such allegations against anyone? What proof they have to make such claims? Have they seen me staying with him or did they check the hotel's log book. Remember, I am a women and I have a future. Likewise Anil has a family. Such news will send bad impression about us to the public," she ends.

Pooja Gandhi on Super Talk Time
Pooja Gandhi on Super Talk Time.PR Handout