Pooja Bhatt is not a woman who confines to any norms. Charting her own path and making unconventional choices, Bhatt has been one of the cheerleaders of women empowerment in the industry. From failure, success, affairs, marriage to divorce; Pooja has always kept her life as an open book.

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So, it didn't come as a shock when she decided to open up about battling alcoholism. Now, in an interview, Pooja has spoken in detail about alcohol abuse and her decision to come clean on it. "We try to cover up many things. But four years ago when I decided to quit drinking, I decided to be open about it. I began my career with a film like Daddy, which was about a young girl getting her father who's an alcoholic to stop drinking. And there I was dealing with the same problem," Pooja told Filmfare.

Pooja Bhatt
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"I reached out to people to let them know that it's something that could happen to anyone. Women especially need to be a little bit more open about that. And I was overwhelmed by the response that I got from random strangers," she added.

Pooja also opened up about how society treats a woman on her marital status. Are you a mother? Are you not? "Are you married? Are you not? I've been asked by so many people why aren't you getting married again. And I tell them that I've grown up from thinking 'and they lived happily ever after' to 'and she lived happily ever after'. I've been there, done that, tried it and recommended it to people too. But my life is not incomplete because I choose to live the way I do."