Ponnambalam in Bigg Boss Tamil 2
Ponnambalam asked to sleep outside the house in Bigg Boss Tamil 2.Screen Shot From Bigg Boss Tamil Promo Video

Tamil actor Ponnambalam is reportedly set to pay a huge price for pushing Aishwarya Dutta into a swimming pool inside the Bigg Boss Tamil house. The latest promo aired on Vijay TV indicate that Poonambalam has been asked to sleep outside the house as punishment.

On Thursday's episode, Ponnambalam had tried to end the fascist rule of Aishwarya aka 'Maharani' (the dictator of the house) and pushed here into the swimming pool during the latest task. The actress, who was upset with his actions, left furiously to the confession room to seek an explanation from the Bigg Boss himself.

Aishwarya broke into tears and struggled to express her displeasure over Ponnambalam's behaviour. Apparently, she had more plans to implement in the latest task and she had not expected the veteran actor to act in such a way.

It appears like the Bigg Boss is also not happy with Ponnambalam's gesture resulting in the punishment.

There has been a lot of drama happening inside the house after Aishwarya turned into the 'dictator'. She had harshly punished Balaji by throwing garbage on him and made controversial comments against a few inmates, including Riythvika.

As a result, Aishwarya has been criticised by the Tamil audience, who want her to be eliminated from the show for her conduct. However, she is not in the danger zone this week and might get immunity next week as a reward for her performance in the Kamal Haasan-hosted show. 

Vaishnavi, who was eliminated and sent to the secret room last week, will be returning to the show this week. In another teaser, actors Arya and Sathish along with Ghajinikanth team can be seen entering the house to promote their movie, which hit the screens on Friday, August 3.