Director Atlee Kumar's Telugu movie "Policeodu" aka "Police," which is the dubbed version of Vijay and Samantha's Tamil film "Theri," has received mixed reviews from the audience in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

The Telugu version of "Theri" was initially titled "Policeodu," producer Dil Raju, who has bought the rights of its dubbed version, changed its title to "Police," just a day before its release. The producer-cum-distributor has released the film in over 350 cinema halls across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Written by Atlee, "Police" is a commercial action entertainer that deals with a revenge story of an honest sentimental cop (Vijay). After his wife (Samantha) is killed, he decides to save his daughter from a political gang by living as three different characters. How he locks horn with a local politician (Mahendran) to avenge his wife's death forms the crux of the story.

The audience say "Police" has a routine revenge saga, but some interesting twists and commercial ingredients make it a good watch. Vijay has delivered an electrifying performance, which is the main highlight in the film. Samantha, Amy Jackson and Baby Nainika have also done justice to their roles.

The viewers add "Police," which has been made with a whopping budget, has brilliant production values. The superb music, amazing cinematography brilliant choreography of action sequences are the big attractions in the technical front. We bring you some viewers' verdict on the film that they have shared on Twitter. Here is the live update 'Policeodu' aka 'Police' movie review by the audience:


#Policeodu .. Good 1st half .. Interval scene elevation #Policeodu .. Good 1st half ... Dragged 2nd half ..Good cinematography ... Finally an Avg film

Sαi sяαvαη ‏@sravan523

#Policeodu a pucca commercial entertainer with a classy touch vijay-sam chemistry is an eye feast to watch on screen @Samanthaprabhu2

Avanthikaツ ‏@Avantikasayz

#Police Liked the Movie a lottt @Samanthaprabhu2 How beautiful and flawless u were in the movie!! just fell in love with ur character☺ Andd also vijay and @Samanthaprabhu2 chemistry❤ Just wana say ur the only actress to srike a sizzling chemistry with anyone u act And i liked each and every scene in the movie where ur involved @Samanthaprabhu2 and u also made me cry in some scenes! ur were just perfect

⭐ ‏@hanumakirun

Rocking first half. BGM kummesadu G.V. Prakash Cinematography #Theri #Policeodu #Police #Theri Babyyyy #Policeodu is a mass movie. BGM is a big asset. Cinematography is lovely. Finally #Theri is a good choice for this weekend. Enjoy. #police

Mahesh A ‏@Ursbadmahi_325

#RajaRani & #Policeodu 2 diff movies with good emotion & perfect execution. Bang on. Take a bow boy @Atlee_dir @priyaatlee

Prem Kumar ‏@prem_samfan

@Samanthaprabhu2 wah #Policeodu ,u r the perfect choice for mithra... jus loved ur screen presence.. wil watch again nd again for u...

Sudheer ‏@sudheersayz1

#Policeodu #Police done with 1st half.@gvprakash bgm & @actorvijay acting is stupendous.as usually @Samanthaprabhu2 looks fablos. #Policeodu #Police This time @actorvijay sir didn't disappointed telugu http://audience.one more hit film for @Atlee_dir in Telugu. No one can match @Atlee_dir direction & @gvprakash BG score.waiting for ur direct Telugu film @Atlee_dir .#Police #Policeodu #Police #Policeodu @Samanthaprabhu2 ur performance,beauty were stupendous. Can't wait for ur upcoming big project's in Telugu.

PuneSuperGaints #RPS ‏@moulitalks

Superb first half and engaging second half #Theri #Policeodu Vijay Expected more from Atlee Sam- Radhika conversation in the firsthalf had me in tears .. Scene that tell Atlee's brilliance in handling emotions #Theri #Policeodu #TheriBaby Nainika is too cute .. Like mother like daughter #Theri #Policeodu

aHf ‏@adhyayam

Barring some pace issues which is negligible, first half of #Police is perfectly blended with Heroism,Love and sentiment. Very good 1st half Vijay,GVPrakash(BGM),Atlee are Therrific. Lengthy runtime is a let down.Payback scenes could have been handled better.Enjoyable #Policeodu Vijay,Atlee's #Police has all the potential to become a blockbuster of Thupakki magnitude,but pace and length issues made it an abv avg fare

Sriram Varma ‏@sriramForU

#Theri / #Policeodu Okay first half Pre interval and Baby Nainika scenes with Vijay #Theri / #Policeodu - 2nd half lo cheppukovadaniki em ledu. Predictable. Overall an average stuff. Tamil cinema interest unte can try once

Pandu ‏@pandu_kdp

Good first half.. Some elevation scenes,  naina baby , Vijay - Sam love scenes are good.. Songs nachale naku #Police #Theri

Mallesh ‏@kalepu_malli

First off done my darling @Samanthaprabhu2 superb Vijay performance extraordinary #police hit movie

Kovidh Kumar ‏@KovidhK

Done vth frst half #police Vijay kumar episode #Goosebumps. #Imwaiting to see 2nd half..vry vry nce naratn @Atlee_dir cute @Samanthaprabhu2