Man with machete
Man with macheteFlickr/Retinafunk

New York Police officers were witness to a strange sight on Monday night when they were called to the Maria Hernandez Park in Bushwick to subdue a man wielding swords in two hands. They were forced to use a stun gun to contain him, after he said, "You're gonna have to kill me," when he was asked to drop the weapons. 

The police also found a machete and two smaller knives in a duffel bag belonging to the man. The identity of the man was not revealed. 

The witnesses, who numbered around 50, pointed the cops towards the 56-year-old man who was terrorising people in the Brooklyn park. On seeing the cops, the man, who was reportedly shirtless, made a run from the Irving Ave. park and onto Troutman St, New York Daily News reported. 

Four police men confronted the middle aged man, who is believed to be mentally unstable, and told him to drop the weapons. The man said that they'd have to kill him to make him drop the weapons.

A fifth officer was called to the scene, Sgt. Tara King, who then shot a taser at the man, who then dropped to the ground. 

He was then taken into custody by the police. It remains unclear if he was taken to a hospital. The police did not charge him till late Monday evening. 

People present at the location Tweeted about the incident. 

At least four shootings were reported in Bushwick area of New York in July, according to Spotcrime. The neighbourhood ranked 52nd out of 69 neighbourhoods in New York City in terms of safety, according to DNAinfo.