Pokemon Z
Pokemon Z might follow Pokemon X and Y games. (Representative Image)Facebook

In events that may trigger rumours on the development of the new Pokemon game, possibly Pokemon Z, CoroCoro (via Serebii), the Japanese manga magazine has released images of new alternate forms belonging to Pokemon Zygarde.

Pokemon Zygarde, it has been revealed, will have multiple forms, namely Zygarde Core and Zygarde Cell. When both these alternate forms combine, we get the complete Zygarde.

These reveal that Zygarde has five forms namely a blob called Core, a cell called Cell, a dog called 10%, the snake-like form called 50% and Mega Evolution called Perfect Forme.

There is also a Zygarde Perfect Forme that is 4.5m tall and 610kg in weight. This is also known as Order Pokemon. This form is reportedly powerful than Xerneas and Yveltal.

Zygarde Core will be the brain of the assembled creature for all the forms.

Pokemon Zygarde is known to players of Pokemon X and Y; it is a Dragon Ground Type Pokemon with a serpent-like body.

Apart from this, a new form for Greninja was revealed and he looks similar to the favourite Pokemon trainer, Ash.

Pokemon Shuffle Events Revealed

New events were revealed for Pokemon Shuffle players, courtesy the trusted Pokemon site, Serebii in its post.

Diancie Event: The players participating in this event will get a chance to catch Pokemon Diancie. This is a celebratory event for the game being downloaded 5 million times on Nintendo 3DS. The event will only be available until 28 September, 2015. This event is available for both versions, Pokemon Shuffle for 3DS and Pokemon Shuffle for mobile.

Regirock Stage: This event is a repeat run and will be there till 18 September. The post also mentions Registeel is "coming up."

New Event: Mega Sharpedo competitive stage participants, who are in the lucky list of 79,000 rankings worldwide, can get ready to welcome Sharpedonite. For those who have better rankings, they too will get Attack Power and Mega Speedup. For players who were unable to qualify, a Jewel is guaranteed. Players can check for these items until 21 September.

Groudon Event: A new event has been revealed for players of Pokemon Shuffle Mobile and it will them access to Pokemon Groudon. The event will be available only until 25 September. Players must note that there is a requirement of 2 Hearts to play this stage.