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Pokemon GO announced for mobile phonesThe Official Pokemon Channel

Pokemon GO is the newest game from The Pokemon Company. It was announced in an unusual press conference on 10 September, held in Tokyo.

The announcement has dashed hopes of many Pokemon fans who were expecting some concrete information on the rumoured Pokemon Z video game.

Nevertheless, mobile phone users (both Android and iPhone) will now be able to officially play a new Pokemon GO game. This game makes use of real location to search for Pokemon in real world.

Building on the basis of player connectivity, as in most of the video games in the Pokemon series, this game is unusual since the screen is only a part of the game. Players are encouraged to search for Pokemon near their "neighbourhoods, communities, and the world that they live in," said an official post. Trading and battling with others will be part of the game.

The company also announced Pokemon GO Plus, a wearable device that can be connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth. Nintendo was the developer of this wearable.

Pokemon GO Plus
Pokemon GO Plus is the wearable device for the new gamepokemon.com

Pokemon GO Plus can also be used in the case of a player being away from his smartphone.

This device will notify its owner of any Pokemon "appearance" or other similar events related to the game by using its in-built LED and vibration.

Using this small device, player will also be able to catch the Pokemon in the vicinity by using the button in the device.

Pokemon GO players must note that Pokemon GO Plus is not indispensable. But its addition will make player's experience smoother.

Niantic, a Google start-up, is the developer of Pokemon GO. It had previously developed a game called Ingress, which was based on augmented reality.

The game will be available for free and will also have in-app purchases. Pokemon GO will be released sometime in 2016.

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