A new trailer for the upcoming RPG video game, "Pokemon Sun and Moon," has finally confirmed the existence of several leaked Pokemon.

The upcoming RPG and Nintendo 3DS exclusive was the victim of a massive Pokedex leak. But though many have questioned the veracity of the leak, it has nevertheless attracted lot of attention to the game, which would have otherwise got buried under the "Pokemon Go" sensation.

The new three-minute video showcases the Pokemon that appear in the game.

Some of the Pokemon featured in the video include:

Wishiwashi: The water-type Pokemon can change from Solo Form to School Form after a certain level. It was also confirmed that it has Schooling as its ability.

Pyukumuku: A water-type Pokemon, which most did not have much information about. But thanks to the video, it has been confirmed that the Pokemon has Innards Out as its ability.

Morelull: A grass/fairy-type Pokemon that features Illuminate/Effect Spore ability.

Team Skull: The Evil Team features its boss Guzma and its big sister, Plumeria. It was also revealed that the team uses Pokemon inside Ultra Balls and Nest Balls instead of the standard Poke Ball. This, according to Serebii, is happening for the first time.

Meowth Alola Form: The dark-type Pokemon is the newest entrant to Alola Form and features the Pikcup/Technician ability.

Marowak Alola Form: A fire/ghost-type Pokemon, it is part of the Alola Form and features the Cursed Body/Lightning Rod ability.

Raichu: An electric/psychic-type of Pokemon, which is also part of the Alola Form and features Surge Surfer ability. It was also revealed that this Raichu's speed is doubled when the electric terrain is active.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" is expected to be released on Nov. 18, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.